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 Paint Dancing in Spirit

The soul language of my paintings revolve around one core belief- that within all of us is the capacity to love without reservation, express ourselves fully and recognize the beauty in each other and ourselves.

When I paint, it feels like a dance, where my heart speaks to the canvas, and the painting that slowly emerges reflects  every feeling, prayer, meditation and intention poured into it. My themes are all virtue-based, and as I step into the shoes of these virtues, my understanding of these principles such as gratitude, trust, and respect evolves, often in directions that surprise me.  My process is fluid and requires that I stay in the moment, my skills 
always in service to my vision.

It is my intention that those who receive my paintings find solace, healing energy and affirmation. 

My path as an artist has included illustrating for the children's market, teaching art classes, and designing art programs.
My art degree is from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Image shown: "Joy of Divine Purpose" by Angela L. Chostner