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 Paint Dancing in Spirit

It is my intention that those who receive my paintings find solace, healing energy and affirmation. It brings me joy when others benefit from my work. 

When I paint, it feels like a dance, where my heart speaks to the canvas, and the painting that slowly emerges reflects  every feeling, prayer, meditation and intention poured into it. 

My themes are all universal principles that I strive to express the energy of. As my understanding evolves, so does the painting. My process is fluid and requires that I stay in the moment, and I am often surprised and delighted by where my paintings take me. At my core, I believe that within all of us is the capacity to love without reservation, express ourselves fully and recognize the beauty in each other and ourselves. 

I share a part of my journey each month. If you would like a bit of inspiration in your inbox, click here

Image shown: "Clarity" by Angela L. Chostner