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Unity creates a sense
of peace inside me

"UNITY was the first piece of artwork I hung
 in my new home. When I look at her, 
it creates a sense of peace inside of me-
the empowering kind of peace where 
I feel stronger, safer, better"
-Karen Moist, Therapist

Response to Unity  painting by Angela L. Chostner

Lit from within

"What grabbed me the most in RESONANCE

is the movement  of the color in her art.

There's motion, but such a groundedness 

in it for me. It's harnessed. 

It reminds me a bit of the vibration one feels 

after a great yoga class or the sound of a 

singing bowl. It's "that" buzz, that "tuning fork," 

as you say, when one is lit from within. " 

-T.J. Olwig, writer

Response to Resonance painting by Angela L Chostner

Immediately drawn to it

"I was immediately drawn to FORGIVENESS. 

As backed away from the painting to take it 

all in, I  started crying.  It wasn't just a tear 

or two, I was down right bawling. 

The powerful energy  behind the painting is 

amazing and reminds me daily of the 

necessity for forgiveness.  It now hangs 

proudly in our gathering room 

at Silver Lining."

- Cynthia Steinert, business owner

Response to Forgiveness painting by Angela L. Chostner